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Dr Marietta Foo


Dr Marietta Foo ( 傅欣兒) was born and raised in Hong Kong. She then received a scholarship to study in the US after finishing high school, and later enrolled in veterinary study in Australia to pursue her dream as a vet. She enjoys spending time with her two cats, Gizmo and Pixie, both from Sydney, Australia as well. Having lived with dogs and cats throughout her teenage years, Dr Marietta has never believed in ‘love at first sight’ until she met Gizmo, her ginger and white cat. She subsequently adopted Pixie, whom was found in a gutter in winter, 2007.

Dr Marietta Foo graduated with class I Honors from the University of Sydney, and was admitted to the University’s internship program in small animal medicine and surgery. After the internship, she worked in several private practices including in a specialist center in Sydney as an emergency veterinarian, where she spent time with specialists and later became a member (by examination) of the Small Animal Internal Medicine chapter of the Australia College of Veterinary Scientists. She also completed post-graduate courses in radiology and ultrasonography. She is now completing distance education course in veterinary Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine where she sees herself combining both conventional and Chinese Medicine to provide optimal care for the patients.

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