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Dr Kevin Chan

Dr Kevin Chan Weng Kin (陳永健) has been practicing veterinary medicine for 9 years. He developed an interest in orthopedic surgery and completed the AO (an European organization dedicated to the education of surgery in veterinary medicine) principal course in 2008.  He is also interested in the area of Small Animal Internal Medicine and Dermatology.

Since settling in Hong Kong, he has adopted numerous pets. Currently, he resides with 4 cats, 2 turtles, 2 tortoises, and 2 dogs. The cats are Shittie, Bambi, Yolkie, and Toffee.  In addition to the cats, Dr Kevin also acquired 4 terrapins: 2 Sulcata Tortoises, Rock and Roll and 2 box turtles, Ninja Turtle and Coins. They all live in harmony on the rooftop with the dogs, a 16-year-old Schnauzer and a 9-year-old Chihuahua.

Besides enjoy taking care and spending time with all the furry kids and terrapins, Dr Kevin also likes football, hiking and different water sports.

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